It’s Throwback Thursday!!!!  Or as I like to call it a super cold Monday in January.  You all remember I scheduled these ahead of time right?  Well, it’s super cold today.  As in negative degrees.  As in potentially record setting (at least for the last 20 years or so.)  I’m cool (ha!) with that though because The Husband’s work was closed for the day so we have an extended weekend.  We are house bound due to the cold (Sweetey Petey doesn’t need to be subjected to that thankyouverymuch) so there is probably a lot of playing and reading books on tap for today.  Maybe a movie if the toddler gets curmudgeonly.

So, anyway, here is a picture of my very first pets!  That’s Charlie Brown on the left.  That dog had a bark that could scare away any door-to-door salesperson lickety split.  I swear he sounded like a pit bull.  On the right was MY first pet, Frisky.  Charlie was around before my sister and I were born and he never took too much of a hankering to us.  He mostly tolerated us.

Frisky was a guinea pig.  I thought he was a he until we tagged along to one of Charlie Brown’s veterinary visits.  Frisky had a small growth on his belly and for something like $7 our vet agreed to take a look at him.  And promptly informed us he was a she.  I forget what happened with the growth exactly.  Riveting story, no?

Charlie and Frisky PM RW

Here’s another fun one of me and my sister with Charlie Brown.

Charlie Brown Dog PM RW

He’s giving my sister a big ol’ sloppy kiss so maybe he liked us after all.  By the way the little hill in our front yard was great for sledding!

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  What was your first pet?  What was its name?


  1. OMG! I forgot all about Frisky! And Charlie, too! I think I was confusing him with Lady(?). I feel your pain with Charlie just tolerating you and Em. The older of our two cats disliked Junior from the moment we brought him home from the hospital. Our other cat likes him, I think. She lets Junior pet her, and she sits next to him on the couch.

    QOTD answer: Izzy (short for Isabelle), a lovely calico kitty who hated everyone except for me, my sister, and my parents. Hubby thinks she was the devil in disguise.

  2. I like frisky’s name. My first pet was our Irish Setter, Rufus. He lived life as a puppy in a giant body that could knock over ten people with his tail.

  3. When my brother and I were born, our parents already had two kids: a Siberian Husky and a cat who thought they were siblings. Our dog wouldn’t let anything happen to our cat.