Ahhhh Throwback Thursday . . . where a girl can poke fun at herself while secretly showcasing a side of herself she is rather proud of.  You might not think the word “proud” would come up in a blog post entitled “Toilet Paper Bride” but we’ve all got those idiosyncrasies that are individual only to ourselves.

Today’s pictures come from a time honored bridal shower tradition . . . the toilet paper bride.  Where women get together and poke some good natured fun at the sacrament of marriage by draping themselves in paper reserved solely for the posterior.  When you think about it, it’s a rather bizarre tradition, albeit a fun one.

This was my sister’s bridal shower.  A bridal shower I planned, I might add, meaning I chose this game.  Self serving?  Perhaps.  I’ll admit I was beyond excited to be wrapped head to foot in Charmin and this particular milestone in my life fulfilled my deeply buried desire of being a fashion model.  It’s the sky high heels that kept me away from this aspiration.  Oh, and my thighs of course. 

So while I was no Gisele Bundchen, I do think I rocked the look.

TP Bride 3 PM RW

The stars I added in PicMonkey help sell it too, don’t ya think?   All the models are Photoshopped these days anyway.

I like the sash here as well.  It’s very supermodel meets small town prom queen.  Or supermodel meets trash day.  Whichever.

TP Bride 1 PM RW

And just for authenticity, a picture of me holding a roll of toilet paper.

TP Bride 2 PM RW

Perhaps these pictures are a smidge embarrassing.  Perhaps I love them anyway and am totally proud to have been a bathroom runway model for a half hour.

Besides, it wasn’t nearly as embarrassing as the game where I made my sister, the bride, put on an entire suitcase full of random and odd clothing . . . while blindfolded.  Now that was embarrassing.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  Ladies, have you ever been to a bridal shower?  What games did you play?


  1. I love that last game idea! That would be hilarious for any party. Ever. Hmm…I did play the toilet paper dress game once. My mom was my fashion designer, and I was the model. I did pretty well. 😉 Since then, I’ve only been to a few others–mine and one I helped throw for a friend.

  2. That’s my favorite bridal shower game! 🙂 Adorable, Joanna.