Supermom hosts Kids’ Reads on her blog one Wednesday a month and I gotta say these posts get more challenging every time I go to write one.  It’s not like I don’t have lots I could say.  After all, my 15 month old now LOVES to read books!  He picks one out of his stack of favorites, turns around and slowly backs up till he plops into your lap for a good read.  Unless he has chosen Let’s Dance Little Pookie, then he expects to be picked up and sang and danced with.

The problem here is that my schtick is to find the funny and kids reading books aren’t all that funny.  Unless I were to make beeping noises as he backed up into my lap (I totally do by the way) then it might be kinda funny.

So here is me and my sad camera phone’s attempt to find the funny in one of my kid’s favorite books, Waiting for Cookie.

Cookie Page 7 R crop

It’s just a little foam covered board book that has clearly been well loved.  Let’s begin by reading the book together shall we?  It’s short, but will require a bit of effort on your part as each of the four characters that speak needs a different voice.  Prairie Dawn, for instance, is quite high pitched and honestly, a little trampy sounding.  Here we go.

Cookie Page 1 R

Cookie Page 2 R

Cookie Page 3 R

Cookie Page 4 R

Cookie Page 5 R

Cookie Page 6 R

So you read the book.  Did you notice anything?  Anything odd?  Let’s read the book again.

Page 1: I realize this book is all about patience, but would it kill Sesame Street to teach a little kitchen safety here as well?  WEAR OVEN MITTS ON YOUR FREAKING PAWS COOKIE MONSTER.  Sheesh.

Cookie Page 1 RC

Page 2: If this book is all about patiently waiting for cookies to be baked, why do both Cookie Monster and Elmo appear to be shoveling them in on Page 2???  It’s only Page 2!  The ending of this book is already ruined.

Cookie Page 2 RC

Page 3:  Yup.  That darn Elmo EATING MORE COOKIES!  He’s really rubbing it in that we have to wait, but he doesn’t.

Cookie Page 3 RC

Page 4:  Finally Bert is around to teach to kitchen safety as he has donned a pair of oven mitts, but somehow the cookies have mysteriously disappeared from the oven.  I blame Elmo.

Cookie Page 4 RC2

Page 5:  I call foul.  Prairie claims to set the timer here, but she doesn’t actually do it.  My kid might be small, but he’s not stupid.  He sees things.

Cookie Page 5 RC

Page 6:  Lies.  ALL LIES!  Does the bell go off, Prairie Dawn, does it???  I think not since YOU NEVER SET IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!  And Cookie Monster, not only did I catch you shoveling in cookies on Page 2, I’ve got evidence on Page 4 that you were indeed IMPATIENT rather than patient.  You told me so.  In your own freaking words.  You don’t fool me, Cookie.  I’m watching you.

Cookie Page 6 RC

Still, my kid really likes this book so you should buy it for yours.

– Joanna

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Question of the Day:  What’s your favorite kind of cookie?


  1. I should’ve consulted with you on my literature dissertation. Clearly you’re a very skilled and perceptive reader:-)

  2. I just looked up a Youtube video of Prairie Dawn since we’re not up on our Sesame Street characters.

    Yeah, her voice is not nearly as trampy as we made it to be. Oops.

    • No, she’s trampy. Pretty sure she’s dating Elmo AND Cookie Monster otherwise why is she giving them both cookies on Page 2. Muppet love triangles, I tell ya.

  3. Don’t trust monsters. Got it! Eat cookies……..I think I will……..