I went to bed one night without ducks.  The next morning I woke up and there were ducks.

DSC_0787 RW

Why do we have ducks?  I have no idea why we have ducks.

The boy seems to like them so that’s a plus I guess.

Petey Ducks RW

I seem to recall asking The Husband to hold off on any more lifestock for a little while.

Yet somehow . . .

DSC_0763 RW

. . . we now have ducks.

DSC_0726 RW

My reasoning for not wanting ducks is three fold.

One.  It’s something else to take care of.  Our friends down the way bought a hobby farm, bought a bunch of animals, sold off all the animals, and then sold the hobby farm.  Why?  It took too much time to take care of all the animals.  They have two small kids too so I can relate to the feeling.

Two.  It’s something else to take Mike’s attention away.  I know this sounds suspiciously like number one, but it’s a little different.  Mike is now going to build the ducks a house.  I’d really like him to take the evening fussy shift with the baby instead.  He says he can do both, but I don’t know.  There are six baby ducks and only one baby human so the odds are in the ducks favor.  This brings me to point three.

Three.  Ducks cost money.  Money I’d rather spend on a completely frivolous, just for fun circular fisheye camera lens.  Sure, Mike wrangled a deal and got the ducks themselves for free, but there’s that whole house issue.  How much does a duck house cost?  We’re not planning on adding central air or anything but still.  Mike originally said it would be $65.  After hitting up the lumber yard he said $120.  The final receipt said $165.  And in a separate trip to Lowe’s he snuck in some metal brackets.  Plus we need stain.  The ducks’ house has to match the chickens’ house which in turn matches our house.

Much like Princess Vespa’s luggage, it’s all gotta match!

In any case, we now have ducks.

DSC_0752 RW

At least they’re cute.

DSC_0740 RW

And the boy really likes them so they still have that going for them.

Also, I must confess I have picked a favorite.

DSC_0716 RW Favorite Yellow Arrow

I think he or she has nice eyes.  I’ve named her One of Six.

DSC_0745 RFW

Soooo, yup.  We now have ducks.

DSC_0771 RW

I still don’t have a circular fisheye camera lens though.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  Who thinks I should have a new fun circular fisheye camera lens??


  1. Awww but how soft is a fisheye camera lens? “Fisheye” doesn’t sound pettable at all. Plus quacking seems nicer than clucking. I say you start taking livestock stock photos and then the lens will be a business investment! Because I’m sure you must have tons of spare time to take on something else… Maybe I should stop talking because I bet that right now I’m not winning with anyone.

  2. one of six… is that a reference to 7 of 9? will they assimilate you?

  3. Some good thoughts, Wifey Schmo. I’m happy to participate in our MidwesternBite marriage counseling.

    1. Remember that I’m lazy. I chose these particular ducks (Muscovy) because they’re less maintenance than other ducks, especially when it comes to water to splash in. Plus, they’ll be right next to the chickens and it will only take an extra 30 seconds a couple times a week to refill their food and water. They eat the same food as the chickens……….. Verdict? Your number 1 risk has been mitigated. I win.

    2. See above. Also, in two hours last night while I was manning the baby monitors and you were jogging, I completed probably 75% of the work for their Quackmobile. Yes, I haven’t told you we’re calling it that. It will have wheels………… Verdict? I win.

    3. In the summer they’ll forage for at least 75% of their own food. At least that’s what they’re supposed to do. Maybe ours will be lazy. They’ll definitely be eating a lot on their own when apples start falling we can’t get to. I also plan to sell duck eggs now and then. People on Craigslist sell a dozen for $8-10. In stores they’re more expensive than that. So they should bring in more money than we spend to feed them. And isn’t $165 worth it to have something you can call the Quackmobile? ……….. Verdict? Mikey’s the big winner.

    I am ever so grateful for informative bliss you share today on your blog. I will return often and have bookmarked it with gigantic anticipation for future readings of such researched well information. Searching did yield me your wonderful site all my friends are ecstatic as I share your powerful words.

    • Quackmobile?? Awesome. Are they going to be waddling around quacking as their own power source? I wouldn’t put it past you.

  4. Also, good thing I don’t want to (Gentleman) farm crabs in the backyard. Your opening sentence in this post would’ve been a doozy.

  5. Yes, you should buy the camera lens. Husband gets ducks….you get camera lens. Totally fair 🙂

    Besides you can take more pics of the ducks with the new lens for your blog.

  6. I think you should have all of the fancy lenses you desire. You provided two children. That’s a big painful ordeal! 🙂

  7. This is hilarious and the ducks are super cute. And you should absolutely get that lens.

  8. I love the ducks. And the spaceballs reference.