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– Joanna

Question of the Day: ¬†Ummmmm is this not the absolute cutest thing you’ve ever seen????


  1. SO cute! You should take them on a field trip to your local Kindergarten. I clearly remember being allowed to snuggle chicks at that age and I don’t remember much (it was EONS ago. At least – fifteen, sixteen years?)

    • Hi Ann, Ironically, we never allowed Mike to snuggle with chicks when he was young. But then he went off to college….

    • We read some baby chick books at story time at the library and I came *this* close to offering to bring in actual baby chicks.

  2. They are adorable! How many so far?

    • FIVE!!!!! Not a great percentage out of twelve, but I’m pretty happy. I don’t have time to photograph twelve baby chicks anyway. Five is plenty.